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Reusable 100% Cotton Face Mask 3 Piece Set Reusable 100% Cotton Face Mask 3 Piece Set
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This is a washable and reusable face mask. It is more eco-friendly, comfortable, and fashionable than disposable masks!

This face mask is made with 2 layers of cotton fabric. Perfect for Allergies, going out,  nose, and mouth Protection. 

  • 100% cotton face mask 3pc set.
  • Soft cotton material 
  • Washable & reusable 
  • Comfortable & easy to wear 
  • One size fits most

How to use: 
1. Hold mask by ear-loops with the printed side facing out 
2. Place the mask over nose & mouth & place one ear-loop around the back of each ear 
3. Pull the bottom of the mask under chin & the top over the bridge of the nose 
4. Wash & sterilize the mask after each use


Care instructions: 
This mask is not a replacement for medical-grade masks. Wash this mask after each use in a washing machine or with hot water and soap.

By no means do we claim these to be medical grade. We are just providing these great masks as an option to the community so that medical masks are kept for the professionals which are in short supply.

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