How to get rid of stubborn make up stains on your hijab | A Hijabi's Guide

Have you ever came home after a day when you had a full face of makeup with all foundation, contour,  lashes… all that.   Then you take off your hijab and BOOM! 

You see the disaster. Your foundation is all over the edges of your under cap and hijab,  smudged all around.  You sigh because you hate this happening and sometimes you really can’t get rid of that stubborn foundation stain so your favorite hijab is forever smeared with makeup. But don’t worry sis! I HAVE YOUR BACK! 

In this article, I will tell you the best and most efficient ways to get rid of makeup stains on your hijab whether it's cotton, linen, silk, or polyester hijab. 

Any hijabi girl who wears makeup has had the unpleasant experience of getting foundation stains on the edges of a nice hijab or all-around a hijab cap. But next time it happens to you, don’t despair—most kinds of foundation can be removed from your hijab fabric with the right cleaning materials and a  little bit of sabr (patience). 

Before following the methods below, it is always advised to check the care label and to test products and liquids on an inconspicuous area of the fabric in case the chemicals do not work well with the fabric of your hijab. It is also strongly recommended that the stain be treated as soon as possible to avoid makeup sinking further into the hijab fabric.

Kim Kardashian says  "There’s nothing worse than being fully ready and realising you have foundation on your clothes,”  and yessss sis is right ,  but honestly having your favorite hijab stained with the foundation  is probably worse. The best way to get rid of oil-free foundation on your hijab is by using shaving cream. I know it sounds odd but it does the trick! Simply apply it on the spot, rub it on stain with a damp sponge and rise off with cold water. 


To get rid of  oil-based foundation on your hijab you can easily spot clean with dishwashing liquid or soap.


Using shaving cream and dishwashing liquid to clean your hijabs is especially great if your hijab is made of softer more delicate material such as silk or premium cotton because the laundry detergents are often too harsh and strong for delicate hijab fabric. 

Now let’s talk about how to get rid of lipstick stains on your hijab; 

First of all, smudging lipstick on your hijab is super frustrating, especially when it marks.  That shade of lipstick might look great on you sis, but it probably isn’t as flattering on your scarf hijab. 

To get ride of lipstick stain on your cotton and polyester hijab use rubbing alcohol on the spot or shampoo by simply rub some shampoo into the stain, then wash with cold water. 

Chiffon and silk are some of the common fabrics used to make hijabs. So if by chance you get your fancy hijab stained by lipstick try this; 

first, spread a piece of clear tape or masking tape over the stain.  Make sure you don’t push the tape down onto the lipstick, as that can push and spread the lipstick further into the fabric of your hijab; just gently apply the tape over the stain, then rip off the tape to remove the stain.

If any stain remains, sprinkle an absorbent powder over it, such as baking soda or cornstarch. Pat the powder gently to fully coat the remaining lipstick, then let it sit for several minutes to absorb it. Brush off the powder. Repeat as many times as needed for the stain to be removed.

So there you go! those are the best and most efficient ways to clean makeup stains from your hijab. Next time you got a stain on your favorite hijab remember dishwashing soap,  shaving cream, masking tape, and rubbing alcohol are your best friends; so go to them first.

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